Chris Lutes ACTAR#3089, presents in-depth tips and tricks on our complete solutions. A new episode is available every Tuesday at 3 PM EST.

This Week's Episode - June 23rd

This week we will be dealing with some of the more stubborn point cloud cleanup problems. Typically this is caused when an object moves between station setups or when we have reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or glass, in our scene. Trimble Realworks has the perfect tool for dealing with these pesky laser scanning artifacts and we will show you how to use it.

Last Episode - June 16th

This week we take a look at many of the common file types used with the Trimble Forensics Solutions. These include .capture, JXL, E57, RWP, .fxscene, and others. We go into what each file type is and how it functions within the forensic mapping workflow.

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Trimble Forensics SX10               Trimble Forensics GNSS               Trimble Forensics X7