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Make a flawless capture fast when seconds count. Faithfully reveal the facts with vivid, true-to-life renderings and diagrams. And when the moment of truth arrives, you're ready to showcase the evidence with the industry's most compelling courtroom presentation software. With effortless data transfers between teams and tools, the Trimble Forensics system drops error risk to zero. The result: clean, powerful data that speaks for itself. 

  • Seamless integration from scene to desk to courtroom
  • Effortless data transfers from team to team
  • Unrivaled chain-of-custody security

Trimble Forensics Capture

Versatile, intuitive and ready to handle whatever you find at the scene. 

Trimble® Forensics Capture software is a powerful yet intuitive data collector software that simplifies scene evidence gathering and enables a seamless transition to Trimble Forensics Reveal desktop software for in-depth analysis

  • Gather data and map the scene in record time with wizard-guided workflows
  • View 2D and 3D diagrams instantly in the field - so you know exactly what you're capturing
  • Seamlessly deliver collected data to Trimble Forensics Reveal for in-depth analysis



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Trimble Forensics Reveal

Industry-leading precision meets groundbreaking efficiency. 

Whether you’re capturing small data sets using tape measures or total stations or you’re managing full 3D scan point clouds, Trimble Reveal delivers the precise results you need.

  • Recreate, analyze and visualize crash or crime scene data with a single powerful tool.
  • Apply in-depth analytics capabilities to any data set, not matter how small, large or complex.
  • Efficiently create the flawless records you need to advance your case with confidence. 



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Trimble Forensics Showcase

Designed by law enforcement experts who know what it takes to excel in the courtroom.

Simple visuals to present your testimony and create custom 360-degrees viewpoints to back your analysis

  • Transfer material directly from the Reveal platform to prep your presentation quickly and easily.
  • Vividly represent your chain of event with custom, photo-realistic 360-degree renderings.
  • Eliminate technology hassles with lightweight, easy-to-manage graphics specifically designed for stress-free courtroom display.



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