There’s growing demand for advanced security, particularly for protecting buildings such as schools or large planned events and for managing the scene when the unthinkable occurs. Trimble Forensics scanners and software—including an exclusive SmartRooms feature that automates the creation of animations and drawings of complex rooms and buildings—make it easier for security planners to protect facilities and people.

Accurate Data Collection - Any plan needs to start with the best available information, Trimble’s scanning and total station options provide accurate and fast mapping for event or building documentation.

Plan for multiple scenarios - whether it is planning camera placements, live observation points or possible threat areas, all can be visualized through Reveal.

Powerful yet User Friendly Software - Working with scanned data of events or buildings is simple within Trimble RealWorks Forensics and modeling and planning with Trimble Forensics Reveal.


Requests for demo software and software downloads are available at:

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