Whether using robotic total stations or laser scanners, Trimble Forensics solutions quickly collect the data you need, enabling you to clear crash scenes quickly, reducing disruption, costs, and the risk to personnel.

From the scene of the collision, to evidence presented in court, Trimble Forensics offers a full solution of hardware, field and office softwares that investigators can rely on to collect, document, analyse and present the facts of an incident with confidence.

Clear scene faster

Roads are opened quicker, increased public and investigator safety.

Confidence in data

Hardware and software solutions that operate in all weather and lighting conditions enable investigators to collect the scene evidence regardless of conditions.

Evidence preservation

Images of evidence can be automatically linked to points collected in the scene so that when imported into Reveal, all evidence is spatially visualized within the scene.

Ease of Use

Capture field software employs guided workflows so investigators can concentrate on collecting evidence and not on how to collect the evidence.

Technical Support

Dedicated technical support staff for Forensics customers.

Wooded road crash scene Reveal project

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