Trimble Forensics Reveal v2.3 is now available!

Released on June 29, 2020, this version includes several new features and general improvements. Here are some of the highlights:

Orthophotos Support: If you have a Reveal Advanced with Point Cloud license, you may now import orthophotos from your UAV/drones in a .tif, .jpeg, .png formats. To further reduce time spent processing data in the office, we've added the ability to extract and export your Ground Control Points (GCP) from either total station or GNSS Capture measurement file. These GCP points can be used for calibration in UAV processing software such as Pix4D.

Click here to learn more on how to use the export GCP feature.

Orthophoto in Reveal

Aerial Photo Tool: We've made some major updates to the aerial photo tool in order to access higher quality satellite imagery in regions where available. If a region is missing or outdated, you may check your local city or county GIS map and use the Scaled Image tool to bring in a snapshot of the GIS map. Be sure to check the provider's terms and conditions before using.

Vehicle Specs Database: As part of our annual update, both the 4N6Xperts and Canadian vehicle specs databases have been updated to include vehicles up to year 2021.

CrashMath: For reconstruction experts, who love the CrashMath too, we've made some general updates, bug fixes and translations to Colombian Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Strikethrough Points: We understand mistakes may happen in the field and that's why in this release we've added support for importing the struck attribute of points from Capture field software. If you realize back in the office that you've captured a bad data, you may still strike the point in Reveal.

For a complete list of improvements that were made in this version, please read the Release Notes.

To learn more, please visit our Trimble Forensics Reveal product page.

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Yassiir Chady
Yassiir Chady

Yassiir Chady is a Product Manager at Trimble Inc., where he is responsible for the development and marketing of Trimble Forensics office software. Yassiir joined Trimble in 2016 as a co-op intern while completing his Computer Science diploma at Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia. Prior to his product management role, Yassiir was part of the forensics QA engineering team. Connect with Yassiir on LinkedIn.