Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station

Built for seamless workflow integration and better, faster results at every scene

The industry’s most innovative solution for both crash and crime scene reconstructionists

Trimble SX12 features at a glance

High accuracy total station

1" angular accuracy

800 m range in DR mode and 5,500 m range in prism mode

14 mm diameter EDM laser spot at 100 m

Quick data capture, even at long range

26.6 kHz scan measurement rate, up to 600 m

1.6 s total station measuring time in prism mode

1.2 s total station measuring time in DR mode

High quality scan data

Dense scan data measurements at 26,600 points per second

Coarse full dome scan captures in just 12 minutes


Vivid, eye-safe laser pointer

Green and focusable, this laser pointer is exceptionally small, bright, and still eye safe

3 mm diameter laser pointer spot at 50 m

Trimble SX12 Applications

Quickly collect all the data you need at the scene with one instrument allowing your forensic team to efficiently and effectively document evidence and mark points of interest all with one powerful system resulting in your team being more focused on their surroundings, reducing time on scene and risk to personnel. No matter the weather conditions, day or night, count on the SX12 to get the job done with its IP55 rating and -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F) operating temperature range. Automatically take and link pictures with every data point taken when using Trimble Forensics Capture to ensure that no piece of evidence ever gets mixed up in the office. When your done, seamlessly import all of your point cloud and survey point data in to Trimble Forensics Reveal for diagramming and analysis from just one file enabling easy chain of custody management and cutting down on file clutter. 

Top view NC crash

Streamline the data collection process by using just one instrument to document every piece of evidence your scene contains through fast 3D laser scans and highly accurate, survey grade point collection. Automatically link images to every data point for easy reference later on during analysis. Capture the full story quickly with 12 minute full dome scans or key in on small pieces of evidence with scans taking 1 minute or less. 

Officer involved


Introducing the Trimble SX12

For every day, everywhere, every scene

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